The Adipose Group Telemetry Services

Fisheries Consulting Services


Telemetry Study Implementation

With over 15 years of experience tagging and tracking fish in a wide variety of environments using a broad range of technologies, we are well suited to work with your group to identify the best way to track aquatic organisms in your area. From PIT tagging Steelhead in Siberia, to acoustic tracking endangered Eels in Germany, and from implementing JSATS to track fish passage success through trap-haul systems in WA state to using acoustics to track Dungeness crabs in coastal BC, we've covered a lot of ground and are keen to share our knowledge. Our telemetry services including training, project consulting, implementation of technology, reporting, and analysis. 


Data Management and Analysis

Fisheries data, especially for telemetry studies, can be daunting for newcomers to tracking fish. Our database services are customized to your needs and range from helping your own data specialist understand the structure and proper handling of telemetry data to building a custom Access/ SQL database for you to run. Our expert data analyst will work with you to build a statistically defensible study design and provide technical review of your analytical products, or you can hand us the raw data and ask for a complete analysis and report.



Tracking fish is becoming a mainstream way to answer an increasingly complicated suite of research questions involved in management, restoration, fish passage, etc., but the learning curve with the complicated equipment, data requirements, and implementation can be steep. We are pleased to offer training services to fisheries professionals interested in implementing telemetry studies ranging from on-the-ground assistance with feasibility studies, equipment selection, training and array design/ deployment, study design, etc.