About Us

Our Experience


After many years in  fisheries and environmental science I have been looking for a way to stay active and engaged with these fields of study and the passion that drew me to fisheries in the first place.  Working with a small on-call staff of database experts and subject-matter experts, my streamlined approach to fisheries consulting allows me great flexibility in addressing the varied needs of Adipose Group clients as they arise. 

Our Approach


 Our streamlined approach to fisheries consulting allows us great flexibility in addressing the varied needs of our clients as they arise, without the burden of high overhead costs. We are able to mobilize quickly to serve projects of all sizes and our extensive network allows us the opportunity to hire field staff and additional support as needed. Our group-members work on-call when their services are needed which helps us keep our cost to you low. Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify goals and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a clear cost analysis, and a proposed schedule. 

Why Us?


Think of us as a reference book of experience for fisheries studies. Many of you, our potential clients, have most of the expertise you need with in-house staff. We are here to cover the gaps-- study design, analysis, database, technical writing, and field work for wherever your fisheries management obligations take you. 

Meet our Research vessel!

Our 19' welded aluminum work boat with 150HP outboard motor hauls gear and up to 6 people easily and is equipped to support research