Audrey Thompson M.S., Principal Scientist

I first became interested in fisheries during graduate school at the University of Montana. I spent three field seasons in Eastern Russia on the Kamchatka Peninsula studying nutrient cycling, food web dynamics, and migration patterns of Pacific Salmon from headwater streams to the ocean. Living and studying salmonids in a pristine environment gave me a strong understanding and appreciation of the species and a desire to implement my knowledge toward salmonid issues at home in the U.S. 

Over the last 15 years I have worked throughout the State of Washington, the United States, British Columbia, and Germany implementing studies to evaluate many aspects of fish biology, distribution, migration, hydropower passage, and behavior. My particular expertise is in using telemetry techniques to track fish and other aquatic organisms for studies evaluating survival, downstream passage, fish passage efficiency at hydropower structures, and behavior in various environments.

The Adipose Group, is the newest chapter in my fisheries and environmental consulting career. As a woman-owned small business, I am excited to continue implementing telemetry techniques to answer research questions as well as helping my clients develop their own internal capacity to manage their telemetry studies. The Adipose Group is also pleased to offer data management services, study design and analytical review, and technical writing and reporting services. 


The Adipose Group is available to partner with other firms on State, Federal, and Tribal projects.