Dr. Beate Adams, President,  Institut für angewandte Ökologe (IFOE), Germany

The Institute of Applied Ecology (www.ifoe.eu) is always pleased to cooperate with Audrey Thompson for projects concerning fish biology. Amongst others, Audrey constructively and efficiently supported us with her profound expert knowledge and experience on-site during the following outdoor projects in Germany:

•  2012: Telemetric studies (JSATS) of fish behavior of different species in the tailrace of the pumped storage power plant in the river Elbe near Geesthacht.

•  2016: Tracking of downstream migrating silver eels across two hydropower plants in the river Main near Frankfurt using acoustic telemetry.

•  2017: Evaluation of the reliability of the early warning system MIGROMAT© by using a DIDSON imaging sonar in front of the turbine intake of the hydropower plant
           Wahnhausen in the river Fulda near Kassel.

Brent Smith, Chief Engineer/ Owner, Teknologic Engineering Inc. 

Audrey has been on the water with our JSATS equipment since it was first going into full production in 2011.   She has been an important link between our engineers and her end users.  A lot of our equipment improvements have been driven by her innovative process.   She really knows the technology, and how to install, optimize, and troubleshoot it, and her clients and ours rely on her to get the best results from her fisheries studies.